Antara -“The Girl With The Magic Smile”.


Life is a beautiful gift – some are blind to life and some being blind embraces life. The Story of Anatara Naskar is an inspiring tale of courage renowned in Premasree. Every teacher, staff member, volunteers –knows Antara -“the girl with the magic smile”. 

Antara Naskar’s life hasn’t been kind to her but she retains her optimism and positivity that brings joy not only to her but to the entire school. A teenage girl of 17, she is forging her way ahead in making the best out of her life. The daughter of a worker from Malancha village in the South 24 Parganas, this feisty and courageous girl has ambitious plans and aspirations for her future.

Antara has been in Premasree since a little more than two years. In this short span of time, she has already made her mark in this homely abode for children. She is currently in Class 6 and is a good student.

2Antara’s Dreams

Antara loves studying English and hopes to become a teacher one day. Good in most of her subjects, Antara however dreads Mathematics. “I don’t like calculations’ she beams with her signature smile. She is a meritorious student and is adept at using Braille and loves reading story books. This love for reading has brought her to the delights of the English language. She also likes using the computer very often. In her leisure time Antara likes to dance and sing.

“Antara is a brave soul, she has the courage to face life as it comes, seldom complains, she can teach you all about Living in the moment” says Antara’s favourite teacher.

The Beauty Queen

Like other girls of her age, Antara loves dressing up and is very particular about fashion trends. She is our ‘beauty queen’ says a staff member, “never wearing an unmatched accessory, never ever seen having a bad hair day, never wearing crinkled clothes. She is very particular about fashion.”

 Her Love for Life

Phuckha is the best food according to Antara. “I can beat anyone in Phuchka competition” is her bold statement. She also loves Bengali sweets and can gorge on them anytime of the day. What shines out in Antara’s small tales of love is her curiosity for more, of the unknown, her penchant for the little things that makes life beautiful.


Despite Antara’s difficult childhood, she retains positivity and attitude to do her best. Difficult situations have not been able to worn out her spirits, rather has made her strong and mature in a way that sets her apart from the general teens of her age.

Antara’s Inclination to Learn                                                                 

Antara has great leadership skills. An active participant in all Premasree programs she is the one who heads the group.   Antara’s social behavior has fetched a lot of affection from people who visit Premasree,” She is one of the most popular girl on campus” comments an organization member.

She is very happy at Premasree, so much that she doesn’t like going to her house.  We pray to lord almighty to bestow her with all the good things in life bringing her boundless joy and happiness!