The Dark Night is Over For Alamin Mollah

Miracles do happen and Alamin Mollah’s case is a testimony to that fact. His miraculous regaining of site in fact reminds us of the New Testament where Jesus Christ restored sight to the blind by the power of faith. Alamin Mollah’s case is akin to that – this teenage boy who lives at Premasree, a free home for visually impaired children from impoverished families had never imagined he would overcome the darkness of his life and proceed towards the path of light.  However, destiny had other plans for him and his life took a major turn when his eyesight was restored a few months back.

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I  Can See!

The moment was tense when Alamin put on the pair of glasses as the staff waited with bated breath. To their surprise, he started crying profusely. At first the staff members did not realize what was going on but later on they realized that Alamin was able to see and this fact had overwhelmed him. Everything was a first time for him – his own reflection in mirror, his meeting his mother -a daily wager- who came all the way from their native village to meet him. Life suddenly had taken a new dimension for him. Alamin today is truly grateful to God for giving him the gift of light. ” I am also grateful to my mentor Biju Nair and to ophthalmologists of Narayana Nethralaya especially Reshmi Shroff who spotted a faint ray of hope and went ahead to meet the challenge. It seems a dark night is over in my life and there is a new dawn breaking,” he says.

1`The Colors of Life

Its a happy and momentous occasion for Alamin but his challenges are many – he is learning to see for the first time and so like an infant for him everything is new. He is getting to know now the names of objects that he has only touched and felt so far. The challenge before him is  to identify and remember a vast plethora of objects that he is now a part of his new world.

Alamin however is a confident boy – he feels that the option to be a part of Premasree is itself god given and he would do his best to excel in academics and pursue his dreams.