“Every Child Is Special, And So Is Mofizul’

mofizul-sheikhMofizul has a thoughtful face, though a little lanky for a boy of sixteen, he is obedient, respectful towards others and a very fast learner. Those who know him will testify for his indomitable spirit which makes him one of the most admirable character at Premasree – yes Mofizul is blind, he cannot see but nonetheless he is a compassionate lover of arts, music and more.

Mofizul’s early life is a sad tale of impoverishment and poverty. Before he was found by Premasree, he lived in a small village called Sharberia in West Bengal. His parents who are vegetable sellers could barely run the family and provide two square meals. For Mofizul life was about living confined in a 5 by 8 room – no friends to chat with, no food to fight hunger, no one to comfort him about ‘life getting better’. And then we found him.

Joining Premasree completely changed the life of this sixteen year old. Nicknamed ‘Dynamo’ by the people here, Mofizul turned out to be an extremely smart and intelligent kid in almost everything he does, which includes Braille practice, group discussions and taking part in several extracurricular activities designed for the visually impaired children. He is a star player when it comes to chess and it does not end there, Mofizul is a brilliant elocutionist and has to his credits several awards and certificates.


As a human being Mofizul is a kind hearted, amiable fellow with a set of strong principles. He is a perfectionist and also a very organized human being – never misses his class, is never late for school, never fights with other kids. A little shy, Mofizul is one of the most confident kid in the campus. Although he has experienced a lot of bitterness, he is always looking at the brighter side of life and this attitude is very much evident in the way he smiles – dry, sudden and innocent.

He is a popular kid at Premasree and everyone adores him. For Mofizul, Premasree is a hope, a hope that promises a life of dignity and self independence, a hope that instills courage to fight fate, a hope that he thinks will free him from his insecurities and fears. Mofizul has turned a new leaf with proper care and nurture, this is what we do at Premasree, we spread awareness, we bring about a change in social environment which helps the visually impaired to identify their potential and fight for a better and amore meaningful life.